Hot Irons

When using hot irons (curling or flat) you must keep them moving through the hair. Never leave the element in one spot for long, the heat can break the hair…
Also remember, to let what you just did, cool. For example, if you put in a curl, support it until it cools and sets. Same goes for straightening, the hair is not set until it is cool.
It is important to take smooth manageable sections when using irons. Sections are better off too thin than too thick.
Let me know if you have questions. :-)

3 Helpful Blow Dry Tips…

When blow drying your hair remember these 3 tips…
Section the hair into 3 parts: the nap ( below ear lope to ear lope),middle above the nape to just below the crown.section your hair and the crown, top part. 

Blow the hair from in the direction of root to ends. This will keep the cuticle flatter. The hair will reflect more light…making the hair shinier.

Use hot air to make the pattern and cool to set it in.   While blow drying with heat, move your brush, fingers or dryer sown the shaft in the direction you want the to fall.  When finishing hair, it is important to set the style with cool air.

Time to change your hair color!!!

It’s the beginning of a new season and the perfect opportunity for a hot new look. Adding color to your hair can make a stunning difference…Here are a couple options…
-hi lighting… adding a few brighter blonde or carmel colored pieces around your face will make your eyes pop
-low lighting… adding darker pieces of color throughout will change the shade of color.
Both options are are a safe bet, as you can change the color of your hair, while still having the majority of your base color.
These color treatments can be done in a lunch time appointment.
Contact me for a complementary consulation.